Why Should I Do Pilates ?

Pilates is about how you look—how you carry yourself and move. This exercise is for you if you want to work on getting rid of “love handles”, if you want to develop your abdominal muscles and strength and if you want to develop your “natural girdle”. You should consider enrolling in a Pilates class if you experience lower back pains or want to access your “core support” for daily functions. Abdominal work makes us feel strong from the inside out !​ 

What Exactly IS Pilates ?

In Pilates, we focus on strengthening the body’s “natural girdle”—the powerhouse. The exercises work the whole body, emphasizing control, precision and concentration in both the mind and the body. The abdominal muscles, lower back and buttocks (“powerhouse”) serve as the center of all movement, allowing the rest of the body to move freely. 

What Is Yogalates ?

Yogalates is a perfect blend of Yoga and Pilates. You may be interested in yogalates if you’ve already explored one or the other and want to get a “complete” work-out with the benefits of both in one class. This exercise is for you if your schedule only permits you to get out once a week.  

Join the one hour of yoga class and then stay an extra half hour to complete your workout with some abdominal exercises to strengthen your core.