Our Beliefs


As a Registered Massage Therapist and a Yoga Teacher, you will often hear me say that my goal is to be part of my client's wellness team and to support them with their maintenance plan.  

I find myself explaining that "maintenance" is relative to their desired state of wellness. Sometimes it has been so long that one has felt "great", that feeling "good" or "ok" is acceptable because they don't remember how it feels to feel "AWESOME", or they don't believe it can be achieved because of some limitations.  I truly believe that there is always room for improvements and that imbalances in the body and mind creates discomforts. 

We live in a world of push and pull and our body and mind respond accordingly. In order to address these imbalances, one needs to have a clear understanding of their present state and a vision of who they can be. Wellness requires identification of imbalances through assessments and positive actions to re-balance those imbalances. 

Health care providers are a great asset to your team but most importantly, it is YOUR contribution in between treatments that make the difference in your success. Take action today by seeking knowledge and services from your health care providers and be involved in your wellness and maintenance plan by committing to your physical and mental balance everyday. 

Massage, Yoga and Pilates truly ARE a great combination for wellness and maintenance.  

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Let us meet and discuss the possibility for you to see how massage, yoga and pilates can contribute to your wellness.


Nadia Morin
R.M.T., B.A., C.D.A., Y.E.S., PME1